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Insurance On The Move

Whether you’re strictly UK based or consider yourself to be part of the jet set, when you’re on the move you should remember to have all the relevant insurance. This insurance could be legally required or a sensible measure to ensure the safety of you and your belongings, either way, this article tackles the insurances you might need when you’re on the move - travel insurance, car insurance and motorbike insurance.

Car insurance is a legal requirement, so whether you drive to and from work, drive for your company or hire a car to drive abroad, you need to have car insurance. In the UK the minimum requirement is third party car insurance which covers the damage to another vehicle should you be involved in an accident. However many car insurance companies do not market their third party car insurance option. It may be particularly difficult to find this option if you are using the Internet to get car insurance quotes online, the minimum option on websites is usually third party, fire and theft.

As with car insurance, motorbike insurance is also a legal requirement and if you ride a motorbike without insurance you are breaking the law. Again third party insurance is the minimum level of insurance required by law and you can get this from reputable motorbike insurance brokers. In fact if you wish to take any motorised vehicle on public roads you should have the appropriate insurance, i.e. moped insurance if you ride a moped and scooter insurance if you ride a scooter.

Remember that with any kind of motor insurance quote it’s important not to just go on the price alone, make sure you are comparing like for like and that each policy is for the same amount of cover and offers the same excess.

Even if you’re planning on travelling further afield insurance will still need to be considered. Although travel insurance is not a legal requirement, many airlines strongly recommend that you do have travel insurance. Depending on the policy you opt for your travel insurance will cover you if your passport has been lost or stolen, if you get injured while in a foreign country as many places will require that you pay for any healthcare you receive, and any costs incurred by a delayed departure. In order to offer competitive quotes many companies offer a basic insurance policy that doesn’t include baggage cover, so again, whether you ring round for travel insurance quotes, or use the internet to get travel insurance quotes online, make sure you are comparing like for like, i.e. that each travel insurance policy you compare contains all the same elements and to the same value of coverage.

If, once you arrive at your destination, you decide to hire a car then it is likely that you will have to take out an insurance policy with the car rental company. Most car insurance policies offered by car hire firms are comprehensive insurance policies, so that if you are involved in an accident, the damage to the car you’re in as well as anyone you have the accident with are all covered.

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